About us

ORIL is a public, unlisted Australian company that has identified and developed a family of plant-based anti-cancer compounds. The Company has an internationally recognised Board, management and advisory teams with a balance of skills, experience and substantial track records in science and business in the biotech and pharma industry.

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ORIL has developed a unique anticancer drug with outstanding market potential. The platform technology is based on a first-in-class mode of action that targets the cancer cell membrane. The current focus is on the treatment of cancer but with potential for other therapeutic applications.

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ORIL technology involves the discovery and/or rational design of molecules from plants that have a unique mode of action that preferentially targets cancer cell membranes triggering a series of biochemical events, including anti-angiogenic activity, but importantly leads to cell death by apoptosis.

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Registered Office
Oncology Research International Limited
Level 5, 45 St George Terrace,
Perth WA 6000 Australia